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Where exactly these cats come from can’t quite be locked down.
Triangulating police records, bits of media and their own PR tells us they’ve been all over the world
but their origin remains unknown.



‘LA FROG’ ~ keys/sax

From Betelgeuse in the Orion (hunter) constellation
“the widest range displayed by any first-magnitude star.”

Has the keys and the power of the horn, do not mess with this unassuming creature.


DARRYL (the terrordactyl) DARELLE ~ frontloader beats & rhymes

Very slippery so either trying to outrun something or he’s full of shit. A proper chameleon, if not a centophod ,, one report said he had 8 arms so he could be the reincarnation of Cthulu – “a malevolent entity, hibernating in an underwater city in the South Pacific” – which rings true to a point … apparently, “the imprisoned Cthulhu is the source of constant subconscious anxiety for all mankind”.

One thing to be sure is that he hates imprisonment.

Obviously a deluded ego freak, has claimed to be from the constellation of Norma, which is also known as “Carpenter's Level”. Other wild claims include constellations Sextans Sextant, Telescopium Telescope, Volans Flying Fish, Antlia Air Pump & Capricornus Sea Goat.

One of his female fans said “he gives good phone” ,, whatever that means ….
a fanboy was quoted as saying “he’s the Iggy Pop of the Milky Way”


FUNK MONSTER ~ does as he says

From Cetus constellation (whale) where he swims about shaking the place at subsonic frequencies. Has been known to drop gravity waves, and honesty bombs.


MEGAMAN ~ the cyber-police defector

Based on an overclocked GPU, this unit was way too fast for police – he went rogue and now acts as mastermind, lawyer and chaperone for the band. Claims to be a member of the Peoples Evolution Party.

“He’s too fast by far but he’s there to protect the people for real this time”

Has a phobia of spiders, loves eating cookies.

“drop your weapons, the love bomb is about to drop”




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