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Welcome, willkommen, bienvenida, tervetuloa, haere mai !

emu wave one emerged as a split from AKL duo'Asphalt' with Clare Simmons, who had one CD release, a nationwide tour and a few festivals in NZ (Aotearoa).

EMU's first video single was a remix of Asphalt's song 'Secret' for which a video was made featuring Marcus Fitzgerald, a Moriori descendant of NZ Aotearoa.

Touring kicked off with MONKEY RECORDS, caught the bug and never stopped – teaming up with DATA:BASS records to create SHORT:CIRCUIT ~ representing many artists such as ISO12, DISASTERADIO, OPIUO, STRAY THEORIES, TERRA NINE.


A move to Wellington with new crews and tours with Michaela Manley and Ben Wood.

Move to Melbourne, emu then continued the touring fever under the OPEN HEART CIRCUITRY banner, representing artists CURE MOTEL, MURDERBIKE, REUBEN STONE & performing OSTARA + RENAISSANCE festivals.

Move to London now creating WAVE TWO with new releases and a UK / Europe tour circuit.

Full list of collaborators !
Paul Bognuda, Luna Rae, Angela Gelatina, ISO12, NSU, Raktacular, Clare Simmons, Roya Harvey, Treva Whateva, Minuit, State of Mind, Dub Asylum, Module, Chris Knox, Oli, Toki, State of Mind, Disasteradio, Pikachunes, Neo Kalashnikovs, Mel Green, D-Rektional, Naomi Lamb, Dom Hogan, Sharkweek, Sonic Smith, Haszari, Tom Bosley, Stress Cadet, Nigel Braddock, Kingsley Melhuish, Alan Halstead, Symbiont, Jason Horner, Justin Ossher, Jeremiah Ross, Dean Shirriffs, Erin McDonald, Matt Turner, Gemma Jackson, Jarad Bryant, Shane Hollands, Paul Stothers.

Respect to venues : Marahau, Mussel Inn, Blue Ice, Re:fuel, Wine Cellar, Wunderbar, Glasshouse, Tillermans, Dux de Lux, Yot Club Raglan

send an EMAIL to jump on the wave, enjoy !

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(Eclectic) Philosophy denoting or belonging to a class of ancient philosophers who did not belong to or found any recognized school of thought but selected doctrines from various schools of thought.
noun : a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

(dub) : “the hottest tunes could be heard on dubplates prior to their official release...”